The people behind The Nebula Centre project strongly respect the power a user has. Since the very inception of the project, the power of the user has been at the core of The Nebula Centre Project. This is demonstrated by The Nebula Centre Project's goals to create a decentralized set of services for its users and members as well as its previous actions.

The Nebula Centre Project attempts to develop as much of its services with the user in mind. As a result of this, only a minimal amount of information is logged separately. Regarding requests, this includes: This information is necessary for deterring and acting on abuse of services provided by The Nebula Centre Project. Additionally, this information is used in decisions by The Project


The Nebula Centre Project's communications service is unique in that it has the potential to contain personal or sensitive information. The two forks of the communications service (legacy and main), are different in some regards, resulting in them being covered in two different sections on the privacy statement.


Including the primary information listed previously, the following information could also be present on the server used by The Nebula Centre Project: It is important to note this information is not explicitly logged, but due to the retention feature of the main communication service, must be stored. These articles of information are not accessed manually by any member of The Nebula Centre Project and is only used for providing a rich communications service.


The Nebula Centre Project's IRC service does not store or log any user information provided by anyone. However, The Nebula Centre Project cannot prevent anyone present on IRC channels to log information from their client. The service is more anonymous than the main communications service, but should not be considered a 100% foolproof solution.


Any content uploaded to the Imageboard is retained on the server, as it is required so as to be presented to other users who visit the board.

Other Services

Information relating to technical errors and the like are retained (logs with minimal verbosity). All other information is NOT.

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