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What is The Nebula Centre Project?

The Nebula Centre Project is an endeavour encompassing a variety of smaller projects. These smaller projects are headed by different members of The Nebula Centre Project, however each one revolves around the following goals and priorities:
A list of services currently operated by The Nebula Centre Project can be viewed here.

Further elaboration of each goal is explained below.

Provide an independent public communication service.

The Nebula Centre Project (NCP) currently provides multiple services for communication. The preferred service is Matrix ( accessed through The NCP's instance of Element or through a compliant Matrix client. A full list of communication services available from the NCP can be viewed here.

Create a hub for the sharing of ideas by members of The Nebula Centre Project.

The NCP also serves as a place for the communication of ideas by its members. This complements the public communication service, by creating a trusted source for the spread of ideas by members of the Project. Its members use the communication services available through the NCP as a platform to communicate between themselves as well as to share their own ideas.

Provide an independent curation service for a variety of content.

The Nebula Centre Project (NCP) provides a source for content created by individuals not associated with the NCP as well as members of the NCP. The NCP looks forward to partnering with independent artists to provide a curation service for their work.

If you would like to partner with the Project and publish your content on The Nebula Centre Curation Service, please contact the Project here.

Who is the group behind The Nebula Centre Project?

Members of The Nebula Centre Project are a diverse group of artists, designers, engineers and philosophers. They work together to operate it and are the primary force behind its creation, operation and sustainability.

Licensing, Copyright, etc.

Unless otherwise stated, all content (text, images, video, etc) resides in the Public Domain. This allows for the free sharing of content for any use.
For any inquiries on specific content or more information about this subject, contact the Project here.

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